Monday, October 15, 2012

The Yankees and Bad Umpire Calls

Two words:  Jeffrey Mayer

In Game 2 of the ALCS, the umpire blew a call against the Yankees that led to a Tigers 2-Run eight inning.  The Tigers were already leading and the Yankees never did score, so the runs were not really important.  Girardi made the weak case that the insurance runs changed the tone of the game, taking pressure off the Tiger relievers.  Still, Detroit handled the pressure fine in the first seven innings of the game.

The Yankees are imploding, and all non-New York fans are likely pretty happy.  As a Cleveland fan, I certainly have no love for Bronx Bombers.  We lost a whole lot of games to their high priced line-ups.

I still like CC Sabathia, by the way.  He was traded away (for very little) and he likely would left through free agency, anyway.

No doubt Yankee fans will spend half the time bemoaning this call, along with skewering the overpriced Alex Rodriguez.  They quickly forget the calls that go the Yankees way, including the one referenced above from 1996 when a fan interfered in the game and no call was made.  Just last week against Baltimore there was another questionable call on a home run that went to the Yankees.

So, no tears here for the Yankees.  A blown call, yes.  But it made no difference in the game.

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