Friday, October 7, 2011

Grading the 2011 Indians

The Tribe ended up with an 80-82 record in 2011, finishing in second place in the mostly woeful AL Central (although some solace can be gained by the Central winning Tigers booting the hated Yankees.) 

Still, it was year that exceeded expectations, if only because of the way the team performed early in the year.  If they had been lousy early and came on later (as was so common in the Eric Wedge years) there may be more hope for next year. 

It does seem like a good foundation is being built for the future. The pitching is young, but strong.  The mid-season call-ups of Chisenhall and Kipnis offers promise of a very good young infield for several years.

Overall, a definite B, despite the sub-.500 record.  The team provided some excitement for the few fans that attended, and hope for the future.