Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Akron Aeros at Canal Park

I got a chance to attend the Akron Aeros game at Canal Park, against the Harrisburg Senators. A high scoring affair, that took a very long time to play on a warm and rainy night.

Canal Park is a nice little ballfield in Downtown Akron. It wasn't very crowded. No matter what the announced attendance, I figure there weren't more than 400 fans in the park, many of them from Tuslaw School.

Ticket prices at Canal Park are reasonable, $9 for a great seat, $8 for seniors. It's a single deck, and no seats are far from the field. It was two-fer Tuesday, where you get two seats for the price of one.

Concessions are pretty steep in price, not what the Major Leagues call for, or even what movie theaters charge. $2 for a small hot dog, $3.50 for a larger one. You can pay for more for a pizza dog, whatever that is. A nice selection of ballpark food.

Popcorn is $4, it takes good, but mine was the saltiest thing I have ever eaten in my life. Maybe that's intentional, to get you to buy the $6 beer or pop that ranges from $3 to $4.50.

It was a nice time. Minor league baseball lacks the star power, but it does put you close to the action at a reasonable price. It's dangerous work for the players, though. There were three batters hit by a pitch in the first inning. The umpire may have been considering warning the pitchers, but it appeared they were just wild.

Check it out, or other minor league ballparks near you.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Information on Progressive Field

A couple of articles on how to get to Progressive Field and what to do when you get there.



Yes, they are bit older, since the titles references Jacobs Field, but it's still good.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hot Dogs at Progressive Field

A review of the hot dogs available at the Indians Ballpark

I attended my first Cleveland Indians game of the year on May 11, 2011. The Tribe went into the game on a 14 game home winning streak. That all ended this night, when the Indians got shellacked by Tampa Bay. David Price was outstanding, and there was little excitement until the home team scored 2 runs in the eighth.

It did give me the opportunity to sample the fine cuisine at the game. Most everything is the same as the prior year. The team has cut back on some of the food choices at the stands, and brought back the fan favorite (?) chicken waffle. Really, who eats a waffle with chicken in it? No one in Cleveland, for sure. I predict this is disappear again as fast as it did the first time. It's actually hard to find, at only one stand I could see, and barely noted on the sign.

As befitting a ball game, hot dogs are the most prominent feature, with several choices: The standard Sugardale dog, at $3.25. This are the franks that are a buck on Dollar Dog Night, I was told this is the most popular theme nights along with fireworks. Pretty small, they pretty much stretch to fill the bun, which appears to be smaller than past years.

Next up is the All-Beef Hot Dog. It does make you wonder what the lower priced option is made of, but better not to think about it. At $4.25, it's not a great value, but it is a major league baseball game and you can expect to pay up. There is a footlong hot dog, and one stand that has Kosher Dogs.

The new feature is the Slugger Dog (pictured). At $8.50, it is essentially a foot long All Beef version, with some extra toppings available. $8.50 for a hot dog? Is this New York City? Fortunately, no, it's Cleveland, and the Stadium Mustard is free.

After the indigestion subsides, I will definitely be back.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tribe vs. Tampa Bay

After a successful split of a six-game road trip, where the team could have won all the games they lost (or lost all the ones they won) the Tribe comes home to face Tampa Bay in a three game series.

Crowds are likely to be better, as the weather is looking good for the series.

I am planning to attend the Wednesday game. Should be fun.