Friday, September 28, 2012

No More Manny Acta to Kick Around

Manny Acta was fired yesterday.  It's almost always too bad when a manager gets fired, but usually it's not his fault, it's a matter or not enough talent to fulfill the expectations fans have for the team.  For the Indians, expectations wouldn't have been very high except for the great starts that the team had in the last few years.

The total collapse in those years, particularly this year, have to blamed on someone, and it seems to fallen onto Acta.  It is a bit surprising that Mark Shapiro continues to be coated in Teflon.  No criticism is allowed for him.  Even I have a hard time blaming him, because he clearly is strapped for cash to invest in players.

It is a vicious cycle.  As the team gets worse, fewer fans come out, and that means less money to spend on good players, so that team gets even worse.  All that allowed, the choices that the team made this year, like resigning Grady Sizemore, and picking up Derek Lowe did nothing to help the team.  If they are going to commit to the future, what is Jack Hannahan doing here?  Chisenhall should have been playing for the whole year.

As for Chris Perez, you do have to admire how Eric Wedge would have handled that.  Perez would have shut up or been pitching elsewhere by midseason.

So, wishing all luck to Sandy Alomar, but if we don't either get some cash or superior ability to judge talent, the team is going to continue to be stuck at the bottom of a weak division.

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